Prenota la tua Vacanza!

prenota la tua vacanza

Prenota la tua Vacanza a Ponza, con Ponzesi Per Scelta è semplice e conveniente!

Per il ponte del 25 Aprile e per il 1° Maggio scappa dallo smog e dal caos cittadino, prenota la vacanza a Ponza e con la Card Ponzesi Per Scelta avrai numerosi sconti. Subito per te, già alla prenotazione del soggiorno!

Naviga nel nostro sito, scegli la location migliore tra Hotel, casa vacanze e B&B, prenota subito e specifica di acquistare e ritirare in loco la Carta Sconti dell’isola di Ponza. Non appena arrivato potrai avere a disposizione tutti i nostri servizi e gli sconti; fin da subito risparmierai e ti sarai ripagato il costo della Card.


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  • For Ponza first-timers, I was really impressed by the group boat tours with Cooperativa Barcaioli Ponzesi (it’s under the tunnel at the port). They are friendly, helpful and have very knowledgeable guides on the boats. I’ve taken their Ponza day-tour which circles the entire island as well as their day-tour showcasing Ponza and nearby island of Palmarola, which I would only recommend when the sea is calm (usually later in the summer). Both tours are under 30 euros per person and stop regularly to give you time to swim in all the key spots around the islands. Hint: try to jump on the boat quickly at the start of the day to lay out your towels and claim your territory on the upper deck! Did I mention that lunch, water and coffee is included in the price? On both tours they served perfectly-cooked al dente pasta in a tuna and tomato sauce. Delish! On our girls’ weekend, we brought a bottle of champagne on board and the staff were all too happy to keep it on ice for us. We received a few strange looks from other guests but we had fun! If we broke any etiquette rules there, it was nothing compared to the shock when we jumped straight in the water after lunch. Italians will not enter the water for at least two hours after they eat. So, be prepared!

    If you don’t want to be stuck on a boat all day with a group of strangers, it’s cheap to hire your own small boat from the port. The Cooperativa also does a two hour mini-tour. Afterwards they can drop you at Frontone beach and the return boat is included in the price whenever you want to go back to the port.

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